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UK School Spend on Energy 2010


Estimated UK school spend by 2020


This is an intense period of change in our society:

Growing cost and security risks to our energy
Climate change
Recessionary pressures

Change can be scary, but it can be a good time to make a real difference, so this is an ideal time to change attitudes to energy and sustainability.

What we do

This business is local and professional. Our expertise provides bespoke information to schools and community organisations to help them understand how they use their energy and how through behaviour change, improved control and appropriate technology will lead to its more efficient use.

Not only will this reduce energy consumption significantly, but will also have the following benefits:

Spend savings more productively, e.g. on education
Reduces your carbon footprint
Encourages participation and empowerment
Creates a better environment to learn, work or play
Raises student attainment

If you would like to talk about how we can work in partnership to rise to the challenge then contact:
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School Energy Efficiency have made many contacts with organisations and people in order to collaborate towards common goals of efficient use of energy, promotion of a renewable energy future and a move towards a better understanding of sustainable development.

In the News

SEE win Big Lottery funding to help community organisations


School Energy Efficiency have won funding from The Big Lottery to provide a free service to local East Midlands community organisations to reduce their energy costs, save money and heighten efficiency awareness. Click on the following link below to read more about this exciting opportunity:
Energising Communities Project

James goes to the Antartica

2014-03-15 at 12-58-11JV and Robert Swan 140310

James Veness brings up his hat-trick of trips to Antarctica with the polar explorer, Robert Swan, and his 2041 programme to learn about climate change and what we can do to protect the last great wilderness on Earth.

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