What we do
What we do


SEE develops bespoke workshops with schools to enable students to explore energy
and interrelated sustainability concepts. We can help students to  have a positive vision of their futures, their community and world they live  in, and realise that they are an integral part of the solutions along that  journey.

Energy Efficiency Consultancy

SEE offers a mix of analytical skills in the energy and sustainability sector combined with educational consultancy experience to help motivate students and staff alike. We provide bespoke information to each school to help them understand how they use their energy, which, together with input from their students and stakeholders, generates a roadmap of effective solutions. Not only will this reduce energy consumption significantly, but will also have the following benefits:

EE Consultancy

The following diagram shows how energy management can be split into project areas:



To provide the flexibility needed in different schools we are developing a network of experts and associates from both educational and commercial backgrounds.

Eco-Schools Support

Richard is an Eco-Schools Green Flag Assessor and will be happy to establish or enhance this sustainability programme which motivates students to live healthy and responsible lives with respect for the environment and a desire to protect it for future generations. We coach passionate students to reach their potential through this programme with the goal of making sustainability part of the school ethos.