The LESS CO2 sustainable schools programme is available to any UK school, regardless if you are council run, an academy or independent.

Reduce energy use.

Save money on bills.

Lower CO2 emissions.

The programme includes a series of half day workshops spread through the academic year. It includes peer mentoring, expert advice and resources. Staff are empowered and equipped to make changes and improvements to their school to reduce their energy use, save money on bills and lower their CO2 emissions.

In September 2021 Ashden announced that a team of LESS CO2 mentors will be taking over and delivering the LESS CO2 as a paid-for service. Well, that’s us, Richard Smith and James Veness from School Energy Efficiency CIC.

The programme fired up the whole school to reduce CO2 emissions. The staff who attended were inspired and brought that inspiration back to school to invigorate the whole school community.

Head teacher, LESS CO2 school, Surrey

Our programme enables schools to work together and learn from each other, in clusters of 15 schools in a suitable geographical area, led by experts. Schools attend four local workshops throughout an academic year.

These workshops teach the school’s representatives about energy saving in their buildings, and how to engage with their fellow staff and students about energy. Collectively they learn about the link between sustainability, energy use and efficiency.

The workshops are attended by a mixture of teach and non-teaching staff: Senior Leadership Team, Governors, teachers, teaching assistants, estate team, business managers. Typically two attend from each school, who share their different skills and perspectives on energy use in the school environment.

Schools work together and learning from each other in a friendly, supportive, peer-led environment. Our LESS CO2 schools take steps to reduce their energy use, with the confidence that the are making sound decisions for their school’s future.

The investment required to take part in the LESS CO2 programme will be amply rewarded through ongoing savings in your energy bills and also through the enrichment of your curriculum teaching on environment matters.

In-between the workshops the schools have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt. This helps the programme become part of your school’s culture and means you can start saving energy and money from your bills from day one. In subsequent workshops you share your experiences, challenges and successes with your peer group.

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