Energy Audit

Energy Audits provide a wealth of information

Why have one from School Energy Efficiency?

  • Very positive feedback
  • Provides a multitude of actions
  • Clear information for decision-makers
  • Engagement with students
  • Experienced – over 150 organisations around the country

What does it involve?

  • A walk-around survey using eyes and ears
  • Thermal camera
  • Light and temperature sensors
  • Talking to site managers, staff and students
  • Reviewing energy data
  • Thermal report & energy report

What’s in the Report?

  • Awareness, Behaviour & Empowerment
  • Keeping the winter heat in, and summer heat out
  • Heating, hot water and cooling
  • Day / lighting that works
  • Control
  • Electricity
  • Investment Options

What you can do with it

  • It’s not overlong, so you can read it
  • Share it with SLT, Site Manager and Governors
  • Share with staff and students
  • Decide what to do
  • Prioritise
  • Plan projects around actions – be SMART
  • Use it for evidence for funding bids
  • Create your own Roadmap

What do schools say?

“An excellent learning curve, aiding sustainability, carbon footprint reduction and energy savings”

Leicester school

Everyone can make a difference